Monday, April 13, 2015

Update: Release the Giant Robots!

Howdy! Since ya'll asked to be kept updated on that novelist thing that pulled me away from this project over the summer, here's the update...

Howard Carter Saves the World is now available to order on Amazon Kindle!

Click Here to Pre-Order Now! (US)

Click Here to Pre-Order Now! (UK)

The official "Street Date" is tomorrow! If you don't have a Kindle and/or don't want to download the free Kindle app to read my book, don't worry! Other stores and formats will be coming along soon including Nook, Kobo, and the iStore.  Stay tuned.

If you're on Facebook and if you have some time on your hands tomorrow, my publisher will be holding an Online Launch Party, which actually begins in a little less than an hour from now due to the time differential between the Pacific Northwest and their home base in the UK.

So stop by and say hello! If you send a picture of yourself holding the book up on your screen, something nice will happen. In the meantime, there's new original artwork and illustration, videos of me reading from the book and shenanigans and tomfoolery galore.

You can find us here: